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Not exactly sure what I'll be posting about, but will be centred around preparation for the marathon - fund raising ideas, run routes, things that annoy me when I am running, etc. Will look to update and maintain every other day (or until I lose interest).

My reason for starting a blog is to keep you kind people who have (or will) sponsor me ( informed of my progress in preparing for the marathon. Additionally, once my running career is over I imagine I will look back fondly on the drivel posted.

Lastly, I appreciate any support you can provide. It would be great if you could donate but also any tips you could give for fund raising or preparing for the run would be much appreciated. If you want to join me on a jog, let me know - cheers!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

What More Can I Say?

My mum (mumsy) emailed me a few days before the marathon with some words of encouragement.  She is my biggest running fan and is now (after discovering my blog) my most avid reader ( –yes, I am pulling a weird face). 
She reminded me that from a young age I had a “thing” for running and would typically lead me to getting lost.  In Menorca I ran off (I was about 5) and had an old couple pick me up from the side of the motorway and take me back to the holiday site (irresponsible parenting).  Similarly a couple of years later I performed the same trick in Orlando where I ran off in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids attraction and was eventually discovered by the worm slides (irresponsible parenting).
I was never the quickest or had the most stamina but I have always got a thrill from running.  When my cat (Smoky) gets excited she runs – sprints upstairs, gallops round the hallways and ends up in the kitchen sliding across the faux wooden flooring.  Similarly whenever I was excited, I ran. 
As a teenage from about the age of 11 – 15 I still used to run home from the school bus stop but due to embarrassment used to come to an abrupt stop whenever I came near people.  Especially my equivalents from the local “rough” state secondary schools - a chubby kid in a blazer was always a target.  I would typically burst through the front door to chomp down on a sneaky yum-yum before spending the evening with Solid Snake (“LIQUIDDDDDDDDDDD”).

Writing is something I stumbled upon and have enjoyed posting this drivel over the last 18 months.  My initial reason for starting a blog was too keep people informed of how I was progressing with training for the marathon.  Essentially it was evidence that I did somehow warrant your sponsorship.  It could be frustrating at times and feel like a chore, what is interesting is that I could easily point out which of my posts was half hearted as tended to dwell a lot on the negatives. 
I was speaking to someone who also set up a blog and they thought the effort to reward for this wasn't great/worth it i.e. the amount of time it took to write it was not worth it for the money raised.  I think this is quite a cold empirical way of viewing it; there are many positive I took from writing a blog and did think it helped raise donations.
Firstly (as someone commented at work) these are in essence my memoirs; I have lived a quarter of my life (I plan to live past 100) and a chunk of it is now recorded.  There is a lot about running, the knee (too much) and also touches upon my childhood which as I get older becomes a dimmer light. 
Similar to running when I write it is one of the few things that I do where I feel truly in the moment – time flies by although this post has taken bloody ages. 
Finally it led me to discover that most of my ideas/themes for this blog came when I was in the shower.  This will serve me well in life as I now know if I need to do any critical thinking/soul searching I should take a shower – which is perfect because I love showers!

If you've made it this far (a marathon in itself) I can hopefully provide some insight into the 2013 London Marathon. 
It was perfect running conditions and Adam and I arrived in good time to the site.  Unlike previous runs ( I was not making a last ditch dash for the toilets.  We had decided to run together and there was a camaraderie spirit and excitement among the runners.  There was a roar of excitement when the buzzer went to start and so it begins ( 
There were a few odd moments that stood out from the day.  Around 2 miles into the run there was a heavy set guy in shades on his balcony presiding over decks streaming out “Bass to the Place London”.  This was also around the point that the Oggy chants started– OGGY OGGY OGGY, OI OI OI!
My name was on my shirt and because of it the crowd were shouting my name as I bombed past - “You can do it Pete”, “Go on Pete”, “Way to go Tiz”, etc.  The strangest shout was from a 9 year old girl who screamed “think of all the calories you are burning”.  I am pretty (pretty) sure this was the last thing on runners’ minds (although it was probably quite a lot). 
What was great was when you were running near the pavements people stuck their hands out for you to slap.  However, I was burnt on a number of occasions when the children removed their hand at the last moment.  This was not just constrained to children as a colleague did the same when I ran past her (probably a good thing as I was aiming to leave an imprint).  
One runner I met was Len – a white haired bearded gentleman who I had the pleasure of running beside for a few minutes (he was pretty slow though and had to power past him – sucka!).  He was 75 and had run in every London marathon (33) – he had a big smile on his face.  He is a great inspiration and it would be fantastic to be able to run at the age let alone marathons – what a guy.

The day was hugely emotional – I haven’t experienced such an out pour of positivity from so many people before.  It makes a massive difference when someone chants your name, it is a verbal pat on the back and I treasured everyone.  If you get the chance to go down, DO, and put your inhibitions aside and chant/scream/sing everyone name. 
My heart goes out to the runners who struggled on the day – the runner limping on mile 2, the lady who fell at mile 12 and the many more who suffered and were greatly assisted by the St John ambulance crew. 
Up until around 23 miles I was enjoying the day.  The sun was out and I had an open run around the great city of London whilst being cheered on by thousands.  To my family and friends who came out to see me it – I was overwhelmed by your support and thank you for coming.   I found it difficult to contain my excitement when I saw you it typically led me to spray my water around and sprint past.  

The London marathon was an event of firsts for me, it was the first time I had a run a marathon, first time I had run without music and was the first time I had to stop running and walk (this was something I hope never to never go through again).  After the 22nd mile mark I felt good – hydrated and still had a lot left in the tank.  Throughout the run my legs felt good, the knee and the other knee were behaving impeccably and the only thing that was bothering me from the get go was my right ankle (still had not recovered from 3 weeks ago  Something that was on my mind was my stiffness and the possibility of getting cramp – I kept getting twinges but would answer this with doing my mental check of my body to make sure my running style was relaxed e.g. was upright and comfortable. 
At around the 23/24 mile point I started up a steep road and I felt the back of my left hamstring get tighter and tighter.  If you have ever seen that scene in Watchmen where Rorschach realises he is in a trap (planted dead body on the floor with a SWAT team waiting outside) he echoes the line “NO NO NO NO” as he realizes the predicament he is in, that’s exactly how I felt.  As my hamstring started to seize up I made it to the side and tried to stretch it out – it was rock solid.  
Back many posts ago ( the doc mentioned to me that his sister was short and would not make a good basketball player.  He also used this as a way of saying that I was perhaps not built for hills and should try to avoid them.  At this point there was about 3 miles until the finish but I could barely walk and was in quite a bit of pain (8/10). 
I am glad the hamstring went as had it not I would not have experienced the care from the other runners & the crowd.  For the remainder of the run it was me walking a bit – running a bit – slowing – cramping – stretching –walking a bit – etc.  2 moments come to mind, as I approached the 25 mile mark my hamstring went again and had to painfully stop.  A runner stopped and gave me his last 2 painkillers and said I was doing a great job.  The other time on the stretch of road opposite the London eye leading up to the House of Parliaments I collapsed on the side next to St John Ambulance.  The medics were able to massage the back of my hamstring and get the muscle back into play.  The crowd began a chant of “PETE PETE PETE” to get me going, it was very emotional and it was because of this that I was able to cross the finishing line running (4:49:37) in tears. 
I will never forget this day and I would encourage anyone given the opportunity to run.

I need a break from running and allow my body time to rest and heal.  I want to improve my core and will start doing my downward dog and peter pan legs again (pilates).  Also I will take a look at my running style and potentially switch to free running as is supposed to be better for the old knees.  Long term I would love to run and enjoy more marathons.  Running is still a passion for me and I am excited about the places it will take me to.

Thank you for your support over the last 18 months.  It has been quite challenging/frustrating at times with the injuries and stop/start training but am very glad that I gave it a go and was able to complete it.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of donations that I received and it was greatly appreciated – I hope to thank you all in person.
I am going to step away from raising money for a good few years now but have enjoyed helping RNIB and will be volunteering with them in the future – let me know if you fancy joining me.
If you haven’t donated yet, it would be great if you could - - my page will close on the 22nd May 2013.

About 3 ½ years ago I was moving into my first place in London, it was a shared maisonette in Old Street.  Before I moved my Grandparents gave me a leaving card – Big Papa (my granddad) has always had elegant handwriting and had written a note inside.  It was a quote, it was touching that he had written this as at this stage he had practically lost his sight and would have involved him using his magnifying glass and lots of squinting to complete. 
It wasn’t the most profound quote (in fact it is quite cheesy) but I want to leave you with it – thank you for reading.

Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Saturday, 20 April 2013



You probably get sick of hearing about my injuries (ditto) so I’ll keep it short.  The day before the marathon I am feeling OK – the knee and the other knee feel OK and I think I will be able to run on my ankle.  My tactic is to take a couple of painkillers straight after breakfast (around 6:30) and a couple around the 15/16 mile mark.

So to prepare for the London marathon I am going to do as any experienced runner will do – get on it!  I will be chugging snake bite whilst strawpedoing some tropical reefs.  Staggering to some sticky floored club and subsequently dancing by myself to “I’ve Had the Time of my Life”.  Falling out of said sticky floored club and rounding the night off with a doner from an ice cream van. 
Welllll that’s kind of not true, in fact it is a lie.  My running buddy Adam ( is coming over, we will eat a largish meal (carbs + veg), have a cosy night in watching running films (Marathon Man & Chariots of Fire) and snuggling (he does not know about this last part – wish me luck!).

How do I feel about tomorrow?  Throughout this training process I have been concerned about making the run and “to be honest” (uni joke) half thought I wouldn't. 
Over the last couple of weeks I have had a recurring dream where I have been swimming laps in the ocean out to buoys.  I am in a 5 person group and we are all wearing large rucksacks on our backs.  On the penultimate lap, someone (irrelevant, I’m the star!) asks me how I am doing (as they are aware of my injuries) and I reply stoically “fine”.  I then in the dream pretend to drown (for jokes) however when I am sinking I realise that I unable to swim back-up and am drowning.  I wake up feeling this sense of impending doom. 
I have joked a lot about my injuries but the reality is that I probably shouldn't be running a marathon – if I hadn't of dropped out of the last one I would have for this one.  Maybe I am not built for running which makes me sad.  My goal for the marathon is firstly to enjoy it – so many lovely people have come down to cheer myself & everyone else on and I want to suck up this positivity whilst I gracefully prance past (like an antelope in the Savannah).  Secondly, I realize I will come out of it probably feeling like shit but hopefully I won’t have done any long term damage.
I am excited about tomorrow – excited, excited, excited… did I mention I’m excited.  Excited!  I am very lucky to be taking part and I am sure I will remember and take this day to my grave (so to speak, I want to be cremated).

This post is a little shorter (& perhaps not exciting) than the recent ones but it is a penultimate post so should be expected (see any HBO episode prior to the finale).  The next and final post will be EPIC and hopefully it will bring my blogging career to a graceful end. 
For those who make it out there my running number is 45881.  There are various apps you can use to follow me but would recommend checking this site out + official app - .  Plus email/txt me if you will be watching + where and I will look out for you on route.
As ever I am very grateful for all the support that I have been given (£2,100+ and growing!) and if you haven’t sponsored me, it would be great if you could -

The only thing left to do now is run it.  Best wishes are welcomed but perhaps no “break a leg” (or knee).

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sick of Running!

The countdown is on and this will be my penultimate penultimate post - if that make senses.  This post will follow the same structure as my prior ramblings/drivel – injury update, something in the middle and then end on the important stuff (RNIB, event and donations).  

No new injuries to report (not a typo) although my left knee still hurts from the pub ( and my right ankle has not healed ( - still wearing a support).  However, I have picked up a pretty bad case of the man flu and have been steadily filling up carrier bags with my snotty tissues.
If you have met me (be shocked if you haven’t) you may have noticed my slight nervous mannerism which is when I am speaking to someone I occasionally rub the side of my face as if I am deep in thought (quite a few people have commented on this).  I believe this was something I picked up from Star Wars as Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) used to rub his beard a lot in A New Hope (OMG I WANT THIS T-SHIRT  -  The advantage with having a beard is that when someone at work (say a client) is saying something I have no idea about I can rub my beard (thus appearing wise) and say “hmm interesting”.  However, the only down side (that I have discovered thus far) with having one is when your nose is constantly running it means a snail trail can often appears over your top lip.  I can’t speak for the ladies but I imagine it is not a very attractive look.  Anyway if you are thinking of growing a beard I just wanted to make you aware, although the food in the beard is a myth and mine is not itchy.
I was happy to catch a cold this weekend (obviously rather than next) and it has pretty much gone as today I have only filled out approximately a pick ‘n’ mix bag worth.

Currently I am in my tapering period but it turns out I am not doing this very well (3/10).  Typically I do things to the extremes, for example initially overdoing it with my marathon training or having done no Spanish GCSE work (nada - exam next week) since the New Year.  I took the tapering period to mean doing nothing which it kind of is but I have not been eating/drinking correctly.  I met up with my buddy Adam (running/facial hair chap who I will be running beside on the day who was telling me over a diet coke that he had been eating a lot of carbs (which stores energy) and had given up booze for the last few weeks until the marathon.  I listened to this intently whilst sipping on my rum & coke. 
I am not sure if you are aware but I did try to give up the booze after the New Year but lasted about 2 weeks.  It wasn’t looking good after I decided a few days into it that I would allow myself a opt out clause which meant if I was in the Southampton Arms (“the best” pub in London + hipster friendly I could have a drink.  So I am now making the big sacrifice that I will not drink until the marathon (unless I am in Southampton Arms).
Next week, I intend to visit the gym at least twice to use the cross trainer.  I will try to stretch every day as I keep waking up in the middle of the night with cramp.  This is worrying as don’t want to be stiff on the day.  I will be heading to the London Excel on the Wednesday to register my place – I am very excited. 

I always find it difficult coming across heartfelt (like a robot) but I really want to make it clear that I am overwhelmed by the amount we have raised and want to thank everyone of you who has donated.  It’s tremendously kind of you and I hope you realise you have done a great deed by donating.  Hopefully we can keep raising more and more –
I still haven’t figured out the where the best place is for people to stand and come watch but here is the route and my number is 45881.  Please txt/email me if you are coming, let me know where you will be or I can potentially recommend a place.  There might be a way of tracking me as well but haven’t researched this but will let you know when I do (probably on my next post or via fb or email).

Always end with a joke - – please have a super week (ahh so close!).

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Time for Tapering, time for tapering...

This edition of my ramblings/drivel has been penned in the Southbank centre.  I write this looking over the Thames whilst surrounded by elderly ladies eating ice cream in head scarves (they wouldn’t share).  
2 weeks to go till the marathon and I have officially entered my tapering period (rest-up & eat-up).  The nonsense continues below…

It wouldn’t be a post without me picking up a new injury (right ankle) – I am the Darren Anderton of running (for those who do not follow football he was an injury prone Spurs/England player whose nickname was “Sicknote”).   
It is a familiar story – ran home, ankle hurt, kept running and (surprise, surprise) the next morning I can barely walk.  I like to think this demonstrates my determined nature and iron will but is instead what my mum (“Mumsy”) frequently labels me as being pig headed.  The latter is true and if I am going to continue to run I need to listen to my body.
Anyway my ankle is feeling better than it was and if it hurt come the marathon I will just pop another pain killer.  That makes 1 for the knee, 1 for the other knee, 1 for the left shin and now 1 for the right ankle – simples, what could go wrong?

Recently I was asked what my favourite thing was and by thing I mean physical object.  This was not something I was able to answer quickly but it did make me ponder.  So I had a think and realized my favourite thing is cufflinks. 
My interest in cufflinks arose from a young age when I was around 5/6, my older brother had bought my dad a pair of Dennis the Menace ( – character in The Beano comics) cufflinks for his birthday.  I was a MASSIVE fan of The Beano (favourite character Rodger the Dodger), up until secondary school this, Adrian Mole books and the Funday Times were my sole source of literature.  Cufflinks was also something I associated with bizness.  As a youngster bizness meant to me a giant Toblerone, as whenever my dad went on a bizness trip that is what I received (see prior posts about my puppy fat years).  So through this association of The Beano and Toblerone my love affair with cufflinks began.
For my 9th birthday I asked for a cufflink shirt from my Grandparents.  Unsurprisingly they did not make cufflink shirts for children (why would they) so my Gran instead removed the buttons from a shirt and cut holes into the sleeves.  This was also the birthday where I received a tartan bow-tie and waistcoat set.  Suffice to say this wasn’t one of my fave birthdays but instead was a source of much amusement to my brother.
Cufflinks allows you to subtly express your interests/personality (which can be quite difficult in a corporate environment).  The type I chose to wear will depend on my mood or the person I am visiting – for example the classic silver pair when playing it safe or my Spidey pair when kicking it in the office.  If I was held at gun point and asked what my favourite pair was I would have to say it is my wooden ones with a metal frame – these are unique, I like the feel of them and the wood contrasts well with the metal. 
Why do I mention my love of cufflinks?  Basically I am running out of material for my blog (pardon the pun) and thought it was quite an interesting question to be asked.

At the time of writing, so far we have raised £674.25 for RNIB with my goal being £1,500 –  I am overwhelmed and grateful for everyone support thus far.  Thank you – you are very kind and I feel privileged to know so many giving people.
You may have noticed on facebook that I have been “painting” mugs.  My style is a bit erratic (like a young Jason Pollock) and I am finding blue/green paint everywhere - on my hands, clothes, desk, mobile phone, etc.  You can see the selection of gifts on my last post ( and on my just giving page (  
My big push for donations will begin tomorrow, if I have ever spoken/nodded/walked past you expect a call/email/txt pleading for your money.  
Thank you in advance for the donation, it allows RNIB to continue their essential work and support many vulnerable people -

A bit of a strange post and my apologies if you are more of a buttoned shirt type guy (or girl – do girls wear cufflinks? gap in the market!?).  Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

P.S.  - This video inspired my recent dinosaur facebook cover photo 

Monday, 1 April 2013

A Tribute to Walton

It is with regret that I inform you that I will not be running the 2013 London Marathon, the knee has exploded…  April Fools!  Hmm, probably shouldn't tempt fate judging by the fact that I can’t go a week without a fresh injury.  Anyway, the Easter bunny has been very kind to me and I write this while munching on some Green & Black Sea Salt chocolate (overrated not as good as Lindt).  Let’s hop to it…

Over the bank holiday weekend I have fitted in 2 runs – 13 miles on Friday and 17 today.  The knee has been misbehaving and I regularly experience jolting pains under the bottom right hand side of the knee cap.  This has altered the way I run especially when taking corners, my left leg swings out (a similar arc to a tennis ball on a swingball ) to minimize the impact pain.  It will be “interesting” to see how this plays out for the marathon – if you see me in tears at the finish I hope it is due to the joy of finishing rather than the realization I might have crippled myself.
When I write my blog posts I am concerned about 3 things: how I am projecting myself (badly but at least honestly), whether the content is literate (I often make sense no) and that it is “vaguely” interesting.  Usually when I run I am thinking about what to post about next or observing my environment for interesting titbits.  For example, in Regent Park on Friday a big dog nearly floored me.  This is slightly interesting, maybe worth a mention but not interesting enough to get a section.  So today when I was running through Walton I thought “why don’t I write something about Walton!”.
Whenever I hear annoying obtrusive football fans chant “ENGLAND TILL I DIE”, in my head I replace ENGLAND with WALTON (-on-Thames  Walton is basically a medium size high street town with a small shopping centre (“The Heart” with a famous resident the older brother from My Family).  As a kid visiting Walton was a treat as had my two favourite shops – a pet shop (I still remember playing with the puppies in the back) and Hankards the local toy shop (was displaced when I was introduced to the Toys R’Us in Woking).  Both sadly closed but there were other landmarks in Walton to visit such as the Pubic Library (some comic genius had removed the L from the sign) and The Screen.  The Screen was a 2 screen cinema where I spent many a day in my youth.  One great experience was when I watched the Lion King and after my friend threw dirt in my eyes to recreate the Simba-Scar fight (“Your Majesty…”  The seats were ridiculously tight and should have come with a thrombosis warning.  
I was quite the performer/entertainer/artist during my early teen years and attended Stagecoach in Walton.  This was where I performed my infamous chair dance to “All that Jazz”.  I was so proud of my performance I did a rendition back home for my family, this was a mistake, I was told I had the elegance of a hippo and have been teased for this ever since. 
It is a shame what has become of Walton, it has lost its character and is now like your typical high street -coffee bars (Shitbucks, Costa, Nero, etc.), restaurant chains (Nandos, Carluccio’s, GBK, etc.) and empty shopping units from deceased chains (Clintons, Birthdays, Woolworths, HMV and most recently Blockbusters). 

I hope to raise as much money as possible for RNIB as will be the last time in a while.  After the marathon I will be my volunteering my time to help and please let me know if you are also interested in getting involved. 
So to say thank you for your generous support and donations (, please see below for a selection of thank you gifts (tat) for the amount you donate:

£10 - A thank you letter and a hand drawn picture (could be of anything but guaranteed to be bad)
£20 - A mug with the “bearded wonder” (this guy)
£30 – A T-Shirt with the “bearded wonder” (this guy)
£50 – A book made up of my blog posts and cover photos
£100 – Your initials in London (see  – got no idea how difficult this will be, could regret this)

If you are not fussed about receiving the thank you gifts just say, I am happy to donate the cost of producing the gift (tat) toward RNIB in your name. 

That’s it, I’m off to eat some more chocolate and watch Jonathan Creek (

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The runner, the injury and the knee

It’s cold, windy and snowy outside - I welcome you to come in and warm yourself with my blog.  Yep – 2 posts in the space of a week, I am as surprised (or perhaps you are disappointed) as you.  Let’s crack on…

Last post ( I mentioned I had run the Royal parks in October, well my most recent half was at Silverstone (famous motor racing course apparently) and was excited to be joined by fellow *FactSetters’ Olly and Jen (Go Team Mid-Markets!).  This was the first long run I had been on since recovering (kind of) from my shin splints (off for about 4/5 weeks) and was curious to see how I would cope.  Nailed it didn’t I!  We ran with the 1:45 pace guy and felt fine going into the last mile and completed this in less than 6 minutes.  I was happy about the day as avoided injury and the event itself was well organised – quick bag drop off area, plenty of loos (pits stops LOLz!), etc.  
The day also produced my best in-run photo (see, the subsequent likes on facebook is undeniable proof.  Conversely it also produced my worst ever picture (post-run), let’s say I got caught up in the excitement of finishing.  If I reach my goal of £1,500 (2nd plug I will publish this to the World.

It wouldn't be one of my posts without an update on the knee but not the other knee as that has been behaving impeccably.  I hurt the knee 2 weeks ago when sitting down in the pub post a long run with my buddy Adam (“Legend” “Boss it!” ) – we stopped for water so it wasn’t karma punishing me or something.  There is now pain just at the bottom right of my knee cap.
These last few years it feels I have frequented most physios in London - I imagine when I walk into a practise they see £ signs flashing (one on either knee).  I don’t want to see a physio before the run but will probably be back in again after.  I ran on and was in discomfort (4/10 pain) but it has improved from what it was like.  I will aim to do core exercise every morning until the marathon and regularly use the cross trainer to keep pressure off the knee (& the other knee) to maintain my fitness.  When the marathon does finally come round, I imagine I will be drugged up with painkillers L.

I want to say a thank-you to Yuk Ha and her family for their generous donation.  Anyone who has the pleasure to have met Yuk Ha will realise what a special, kind and lovely person she is.  It really surprised me that you took the trouble to raise that money for me, I am very grateful and will always remember your act of kindness.  Thank you again for the support and I hope to make you and your family proud come the run.

That’s it for another week!  The next post will detail the thank you gifts (tat) you will receive for donating (3rd plug, an update on my latest injuries (standard) and something else which will bulk out the post.  Enjoy the shortened week ahead – huzzah!

* Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the said company…  J

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Running Late...

I wrote this about 10 days ago but did not post as (surprise surprise) I got injured (the knee again) and wanted to see how this latest one unfolded.  Since I began this marathon training (post 26th December) I have been injured more than I have been fit.  Bit frustrating as can’t keep to a schedule but the main annoyance is it has prevented me from raising money for RNIB ( ) as I am always worried of having to drop out (see  Anyway I am 5 weeks away from the marathon and am committed to running and can’t wait to get out there.  Anyway what follows was originally written (with hubris) on the 7th March….

I’m back on the blog which I announce to a chorus of boos.  I’ve been away a while now and was for 2 reasons.  The first is because this drivel takes a while to write, it goes through several rewrites until I get to the polished turd that I end up posting.  Secondly (and more importantly) I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make the marathon due to having legs made of glass.  I have suffered setbacks over the last 3 month training period (will go into that in a bit) but I am quietly confident that I will make it to start line with my buddy Adam ( on the 21st April.

Hmm what have I been up to since the last post back in October?  Well I ran the Royal Parks which was alright – I did plan to post straight after (see one of my many unfulfilled promises – but didn’t get round to it.  I thought the route was interesting and there was a large supportive crowd.  However the run itself wasn’t too good…  It started with me getting to the Kentish Town station too find it shut (bloody High Barnet branch), but I met a lovely Italian couple and shared a taxi to Marble Arch.  If anyone has been to a run before you will have noticed around race time you will see dozens of men “literally” pissing up against anything that is vertical.  Basically this happens because everyone goes a bit mental and overhydrates beforehand.  Well I made this error but unfortunately there was no secluded area to relive myself.  So I made an excuse to the Italians (“warm up run”) and sprinted to find the nearest portaloo – everyone was full and had a massive que.  This was memorable because was the first time I have “literally” begged someone to allow me to the front - it worked!  Anyway the run went OK – loads of people taking part so the first 5 miles I was sprinting to get past and meant the last 5 miles was tough as had spent all my energy <sigh>.  I would recommend this run if you want to take in the sites/enjoy the crowd but you would probably struggle for a personal best.

I was recently on crutches because of bad shin splints – yes I’m a warrior.  At one point I was worried that I would have to drop out.  A few observations, you need to be bloody fit to use crutches – I was on them for 20 minutes in my suit and my back was drenched in sweat (blamed it on the rain). The other thing was that people (and in London!) can be considerate, when swinging across a slippery square one business man asked if I needed help.  On the tube I was offered a seat, of course I politely refused and explained I only had shin splints which was met with a confused look.

The perplexing thing is that the more injuries I get the more I want to run.  It is that sense of not being able or allowed that makes it more appealing.  Running is my class A.  Recently as well my approach to running has changed, before I was all about time, PBs and pushing myself (“pain is just weakness leaving the body” bollocks).  Now I enjoy just getting out in the outdoors, running for the sheer pleasure and observing the people as they go about their bizness. 

This is the first (I hope) of many marathons, although this will be the last time I run and raise money for RNIB ( ) at least for a bit.  I am now going to start going in to overdrive in raising money so you will get sick of the sight of me calling/texting/emailing/faxing/pigeoning/stalking/etc.  With so many generous friends I am confident we will smash the target of £1500.  Many thanks for donating over the years but one last donation would be greatly appreciated.

Usually I end by promising a post in the not so distant future.  I am not going to do this as no doubt will follow past trends and not deliver.  But I do hope to post more soon.  I leave you with a video (bleeeet!) of which I hope you get as much enjoyment as I did from -

PS  - Please message me if you want to help me raise some money.  Will be looking to organise maybe a couple of things at work and also go chugging outside Waitrose etc. – it may not sound like much fun but it would be really kind of you.  Have a great night/week!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Post About Running

It has been over 4 months since my last past and much has happened in the UK - mainly royal or sport based related.  The break (not my knee) since the last post has been so significant that it took me over 20 minutes to log-in - an embarrassing start.

Lets start with a bang and provide an update on the knee and the other knee - I know you're all dying for one.  Well the knee (left one) is now my favourite and has behaved impeccably over the last few months.  The other knee is a bit of an arse, it still hurts and requires constant attention (morning exercises, which I do as frequently as I shave now).  
However, my running has become a lot stronger since the last post ( I ran 8 miles today (non stop) in just under an hour and ran 12 miles last weekend in just under 1 hour 40 minutes (did stop every 14 minutes and walk 1 minute).  Although not as fast I was pre the other knee injury, I do feel the pilates session have been really helpful in improving my core and stability (long term I think I will get faster because of this).  Although being the only guy in these sessions I do feel a tad out of place, like dressing up to a Halloween party when no-one else does (I did this as a teenager).

For those of you who don't know, I have spent my summer vacation in Surrey - this seems to becoming a (annoyingly) regular occurrence.  The good news is I am soon to be back in London (townnnnnn) from October and will be looking forward to immersing myself in the cultural melting pot that is Kentish town.  I am excited about the move but have been told there is a few crazies there - fortunately I am a good screamer so I should be fine.
When running today I did wonder what to post about (I know what my closing section will be on, stay tuned) - it is difficult keeping it interesting and also trying to sound not too conceited.  I did listen to one track ( and thought I would let everyone know that it was a good track to run to.  Also I wanted to pass on my running track of the month (could become a regular feature!!!) which is Matchbox Twenty "Let's See How Far We've Come" (

Closing statement - the old "give me your fxxxxxx money" plea (  I am running a half marathon on October 7th (unfortunately timed as is the day after a good friend's wedding - that post will be titled "Running with a hangover") and I am trying to raise £350 for my usual charity (RNIB - charity for the blind have been great help to my granddad). 
Any donations here would be appreciated (donate here but you can always wait until I spam you via email.  Until the next post (next week - I promise), have an amazing week.

P.S.  -  Have been accepted on the 2013 London Marathon :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Filler Post

Happy Bank Holiday!  Its been 2 months since my last post and thought it was high time for an update regarding my recovery.  I can sum up the progress in one word - "slow".

The worst thing about injuring your knee is that it is one of the few limbs that is difficult to rest (unless you get crutches).  On top of this my physio has informed me that I am "hyper mobile" ( which effectively means I can stretch my joints further than a normal person (  I am in good company here with concert pianists, gymnasts, many top  athletes (Federer & Nadal) suffering from this.  However, for a weekend warrior like myself it means my joints (the knee and the other knee) are more susceptible to injury.  This also delays recovery time as when I am walking/standing etc. the other knee can be in a position of stress (e.g. the knee going backwards) which will heed my recovery.
To counter this I have to build-up my thighs and glutes (arse) muscles to improve core strength which will take away stress placed upon my glass knees.  Unfortunately this results in about 45 minutes to a hour worth of menial (laborious) exercises every day.  Hopefully the end result will mean my core will be stronger, I will be able to run further/faster and you will be able to crack an egg off my buns.

On my last post ( I mentioned that I would not post again until I had ran.  Well, I ran on Saturday for the first time back in Surrey - the mean streets of Walton-on-Thames (BRRRAP! BRRRAP!).
The run consisted of 1 minute walking and then 2 minute jogging then repeat, the "run" lasted for about 25 minutes.  The knee was ever the rock but the other knee was twinging a bit especially when going round corners.  The run itself was pleasant - the weather was dry (really), few pedestrians on the pavement and I indulged in nostalgia as I ran past my old primary school Cardinal Newman (
I could only see the playground but it brought back some poignant memories - being told Father Christmas didn't exist whilst standing in the lunch queue, the magic of Christmas died at that moment.  The Portuguese kid who couldn't speak English knocking himself out by running into a opened window - we thought he was dead (morto).  Running away from the fat blonde girl whilst playing kiss chase, it wasn't difficult she was very overweight.
Its amazing how quickly times goes and I am constantly aware that I may not be making the most of the finite time I have available - writing this blog maybe a great example of wasted time.

Over the next month I will continue to be vigilant with my exercise and slowly building up the number and distance of my runs.  At times this recovery has felt like one step forward and two steps back, I am still weary of injuring myself and will be erring on the side of caution rather than throwing myself fully into running again (as much as I would like to).
With that in mind I have signed up for the Royal Parks Half marathon in October of which I will also be raising money for RNIB - I will be asking for donations .  Additionally, I am considering running the Luton (glamorous) marathon in November which will be good preparation for the full London marathon which I will be doing next year (knees permitting).
Done - will post again in a month or so and hopefully by that stage I will have progressed further with my recovery.  Enjoy the short week!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Road to Recovery

Its been too long and no doubt you are awaiting an update on my tragic circumstances (the running not my everyday life).  This post will focus on the exploits of the other knee and will have little mention of the knee.  Although I will say this, the knee has been a rock this past month and I am grateful for its support.

In my last post ( ) there was mention of a plan to see the old knee doctor - these last few weeks I have implemented and executed said plans.  
Two weeks ago I had a MRI scan done on the other knee and after had an appointment with the knee doctor (only does surgery on knees, imagine the stories he has). 
The knee doctor was a bit of a character.  When I entered and remarked that I felt a bit of a fraud as I wasn't hobbling around on crutches or in a cast.  He replied with a smirk that this only happened after the patients had seen him.  
We caught up (training for the marathon, the knee, my blog, etc.) and then he started to look through my scans.  He did get annoyed that I questioned whether he was looking at the correct scan (had a MRI scan done on the knee last summer).  He informed me that he was able to tell the difference between the right and left knee. 
The knee doctor was a sucker for suspense and liked to build this up when delivering my results.  He left dramatic pauses and shut me down on several occasions when I would jump to the conclusion that I was fine.  Eventually he delivered the results... (pause) ... (sip of tea) ... (long pause) ... I don't need surgery - Huzzah!  He believes what happened was I originally had a hamstring injury and this altered the way I walked which caused a secondary injury resulting in patellar tendonitis (  I was recommended a treatment of physio over the next 2 - 3 months and not to run.

Last week I restarted my treatment with my physio and she wasn't happy that I hadn't kept up with her prescribed exercises.  In my defence, they were pretty boring.  I now have exercises which I have to do twice daily (takes about 20 minutes), they are very emasculating.  
I am not yet allowed to go back to Pilates but can do low impact exercises at the gym - swimming, bike or cross trainer.
I will dedicate myself to getting the other knee (my favourite knee) back to health and am now thinking about potentially doing a marathon later in the year (September/October time).  However, I realize patience and persistence is the key here and will not rush it.

The question that remains is when do I post next?  Do I wait until I run again and write my joy about pounding the pavements once more?  Keep you abreast with my progress with the physio?  Inform you of the next injury I do to myself?  
The first option sounds "right" and will happily wait to write that post.  Until then, enjoy the week and I leave you with a song that inspired me to write this post (

P.S.  -  I realize the knee was mentioned quite a bit, its always on my mind.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Pete (doesn't) Run the London Marathon

Weekend warrior with a tired arse and shot knees - that was what I hoped to title my next post which was inspired by comments made by my physio and pilates teacher (he also said I had a lazy arse - arse fetish?).  From the title you can infer that something significant has occurred.  It is with great sadness to inform you that I have pulled out of the 2012 London Marathon.

In my last post ( ) I commented on my Hampstead Heath run.  I hurt myself and have subsequently been trying to nurse my way back to running.   I tried running about 10 days ago and had to give up after a mile due to impact pains in my right knee ("the other knee").  I always assumed it would be the knee that may of prevented me from completing the marathon and is somewhat ironic that it was the other knee.  The Friday gone was the last day possible of pulling out of the marathon and giving my place to some fortunate runner.  The other knee is still screwed (along with the knee) and I do not want to do any long term damage and hence have thrown in the towel - so much for crawling (
That Sunday run has been playing on loop in my head - the anger and frustration has not abated.  Not sure if I am to blame due to not being in the right physical state on the run and not stretching after?  Did I hubristically take on a steep hill at too fast a pace without enough hill work under my belt?  Was it due to not wearing in my new shoes enough?  Is the knee at fault, was the other knee over compensating for too long and decided to give in its P45?  Ultimately it doesn't matter, it was probably a combination of all this and a large slice of bad luck.  
I want to make it clear that I am very upset about dropping out, it was not a decision I took lightly and it fills me with regret that I will not be able to partake in this great occasion. When I see runners jog past me with grace and that look of steely determination it fills me with yearning and sadness.  I am very grateful for all the support and money that I've received - I can only apologize again for not going through with it.  The good news is that I can defer my marathon place for next year and the money already donated will be put towards this (to those who donated, please email me as I am happy to donate to another charity of your choice).  

The experience of training for a marathon (although I did not get far into it) has been beneficial for 3 reasons.  The first and most important is that it has cemented my passion for running and is something that I want to keep at and grow old with.  I have made myself a goal that I will run a marathon every year for the foreseeable future and am excited about the places it will take me.  I was lent a very inspirational book ( where I have essentially borrowed (ripped off) the author's goal.  
Secondly it introduced me to the joy of writing, you can only be so creative at work writing emails to clients or filing RPDs (the majority of you won't know what I am on about here).  I do get a kick out of writing and I realise my works is no doubt full of clich├ęs and poorly written proses.  However it has given me the opportunity to take a retrospective look at my life and formative years.  You'll be excited to hear that I will continue to update this blog (sporadically at least once a month) about my recovery and leading into when I actually complete a marathon.
The third part is it has stressed the importance of exercising your core as well as getting the required miles under your belt.  Pilates forces you to stretch every sinew (table top position), focus your mind and be in the moment.  It is very technique driven which is very different from running where you just get up and go.  

What next?  That's a difficult questions as like everything in life you can plan and plan and then get hit by a bus.  However, I will be emailing my doctor (GP and knee specialist) to see if I can get a referral for a scan.  Once I have a scan on the other knee I then should hopefully have the information available to make an informed decision.  It will be a very shitty situation if I need surgery on both knees.  The upside to this would be if I was on crutches for a while it would mean my guns would get really large and transform them from their current twiglet state.
Thank you to RNIB ( for their support and understanding - I am excited about running and raising money for them in 2013 and beyond - you lot are the good guys, keep up the great work!
For all (3) that have read my blog (and will hopefully continue to), its been a pleasure and I'll catch you on my next post.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Unmitigated Running Disaster...

The first draft of this is being written on a train going up to Waterloo, I feel like a writer and am sure those sitting around me are impressed, if only they could read the drivel that is being written.
This has been the worse running week thus far of my running career, with me covering only two agonising miles and picking up a potential injury - more to follow.

As promised in my last post (, my teenage running years will be explored.  I think my biggest achievement over the 7 years at St Georges College (,_Weybridge) was skiving the most collective days of games sessions out of anyone in my year - I remember that I used to be jealous of the kids with asthma as they had this golden ticket off games.
My best and most used excuse was my ingrowing toenail which matron kindly gave me a sick note off each week for.  However, as kind as matron was it was not always guaranteed and occassionally I was forced to don the maroon shorts and head out onto the boggy pitches.
One event I dreaded each year was the inter house cross country, my house (Southcote!) was the top performing house but strangely declined after I joined.  I always fell in the bottom 10% of this gruelling 3 mile run (mas o menos) except for one year... where I cheated and did pretty well.  The start of the run you would do one lap of the running track and then head out of the school gate turn right and head towards Chertsey and its meads.  Rather than turn right I went left and hid in the caravan site (by the bins) which was at the end of the run.  One tyrannical sports teacher did complement me on my time and made me feel a pang of guilt (rather that than a stitch though).
During lower sixth I approached one games session seriously after research running online - carbs = more energy = better performance.  Because of this I had a big pasta for lunch and was eager to impress come the afternoon games session.  I was placed in the slow running group and we had to do one lap of the new running track.  This did not end well and in the last agonizing 100 metres sprint of the track I came to an abrupt stop and promptly threw up all my lovely pasta lunch - a mass of cream and mushrooms.  The plus side to this was that I was excused for the rest of the games session - huzzah!
That same summer I decided to get in to shape and bought a treadmill with the money I saved stacking shelves at Sainsbury - I was too embarrassed to run outside.  The treadmill was in the garage and I set-up a TV opposite it and worked through my collection of Family Guy DVDs.  I didn't run that far (max about 5K) and my pace started very slowly but gradually got faster.  This persistent exercise combined with me going on the Atkins diet resulted in me losing 2 stones - a runner was born.

I ran Hampstead Heath for the first time last Sunday, this is a green oasis in North London and would encourage couples and dog walkers to visit.
In my opinion (and I may have taken the wrong route) this is not ideal for runners specifically road runners.  It is very hilly, the path is uneven (roots) and there is a constant stream of yappy dogs getting under your feet. My pace for this run should have been 12 miles @ 8 mins a mile, I felt I would struggle as I was ill on the Saturday and my energy was low. About a mile into the run I attempted a steep hill climb. I passed a oldish bearded gentleman (good look) in baggy grey sweats and stated to increase my pace.  At this instance I felt a pain in the back of my right thigh (I believe), I wasn't in immediate pain and ran on.  After 3 miles (few more inclines then declines) I collapsed on a bench next to the frozen pond.  My energy was spent and I rested for 15 mins then slowly jogged back home - crucially I didn't stretch when I got back.
I got up early the next morning to go for a long run to make up for Sunday's poor showing.  I knew straight away something was wrong as my right leg (not the knee) was in agony especially the back of the right knee and my right upper hamstring.  I tried to run this off and after two miles I had to stop due to the pain, I limped into Russell Square station and got the tube the rest of the way into work.
I have subsequently seen a physio and we think it maybe a hamstring pull (although I am very concerned that it might be worse than this).  I have some exercises to do and will try running again on Thursday. As I noted in my first post ( my goal is to run the marathon in sub 3 1/2 hours - this injury may have put me back 3 weeks (at least or potentially more if this doesn't heal up) and it make me feel sad and frustrated.

This week I won't take the opportunity to plead for your money (  Enjoy the rest of the week and I will let you know how the hamstring is getting on in my next post.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Anonymous give me a break

Due to the busy nature of Christmas and New Year I neglected my blogging and unfortunately my running also.  To quickly summarise what I've been up to these last five weeks: went to Seville (es muy bonita) and grown a beard.

My relationship with running did not start smoothly but has evolved with me and is now one trait that I feel defines me as a person, I will write in a future post in more detail the reason why I run.  
My first memory of running was when I was 4 or 5 competing in the school sports day. Unfortunately the instructions were not explained to me sufficiently and I ended up running the opposite direction as the rest of my competitors.  Not only did I come last but my pride was dented with this story being constantly retold by my family.
Another "fond" memory was several years later when I was was given a pair of Rhyno trainers.  Being a naive youngster I thought that these would instil me with the speed of a Rhino.  Therefore I hubristically challenged my older brother to a race to the neighbours' tree.  They didn't work.
Towards the end of primary school I was a chubby kid (my Mum would affectionately call it puppy fat), however, I still was just about to squeeze into the school athletic team.  My last competitive athletic event was on a cold school field somewhere in Surrey.  It was a grey, miserable afternoon where I would have rather stayed in the minibus than be standing on a line against 7 other athletic looking (skinny) 10 years old.  I came last and felt I had let down my school - it was a sad farewell to my primary school sport career.
On my next post I'll take you through my teenage running years, it gets worse.

I am now running to a schedule which I got from here -  I am currently in the pace period of training, this means I will be running shorter distances at a stronger pace than I would run the marathon.  I am enjoying it for its variety and am feeling fitter for it.  
One run in particular (5.5 miles at 7:30 min pace) is especially enjoyable, I am fortunate to live near Regents Park and running pre-work (about 6) is a treat.  The air is crisp and refreshing, the views are spectacular and showcase the red soaked towers in the distance.
The knee, that bastard knee, has been pretty good recently.  That deep pain still exists when walking but haven't had difficultly when running on it.  I purchased a ice pack which I rest on top of the knee after long runs.  The knee can be fickle though so will let you know if it starts playing up again.

My charity target of £1,500 ( is a daunting figure and I am hoping that you can help me attain this goal.  RNIB ( is a great cause and they are supporting those unfortunates who have lost their sight.  It would make me hugely proud if we can smash this target.  Thank you to all of you (4) that have sponsored me, a big thank you goes to Anonymous - which reminds me of a  clip from Curb your enthusiasm (
Incidentally I am thinking of organising a charity quiz night at work, any colleague who reads this please let me know what you think and whether you would be able to help.

Thank you for your continued support.  Pete

97 days - 13 hours - 01 mins - 15 secs

Monday, 5 December 2011

Do not read while driving

Jesus, Mary and Joseph I'm tired!  Hence the late post, I figured if I posted last night it would have been half arsed and not provided the top quality drivel that you have come to expect.

Ran 3 times last week with the big one coming on Saturday - 16 miles (2 hrs 15 mins thereabouts).  It was fun and enjoyed the majority of the route especially the Thames - pretty cool Christmas fair on by Southbank at the moment.  One thing that did occur to me when I was constantly dodging the legions of tourists was that I'd be pretty much a pro at British bulldog now ( ).  I did feel pretty ill after the run, very hot/dehydrated - next time I will take on more fluids and perhaps buy a utility belt to use (like Batman).
The knee (see last update, I wouldn't say the knee is getting worse but its certainly not getting better. Still hurting, had to stop and stretch the knee when I got off the tube this evening :(.
Its getting noticeably colder now and am considering wearing my running gloves.  You won't catch me in leggings though not since the police pulled me over the last time.

I was a bit of a social animal this week kicking off with the office Christmas party on Thursday.  I won't go into much detail but for those who were there - dancing girls, inflatable tommy guns and Gerald owning the dance floor.
Saturday night was a birthday party - congrats Nick (well played on the poker, as long as Scottish doesn't win).  Turns out I can't really handle my drink (which is strange considering I am a 1/4 Irish) and felt terrible the next day.  I tried to make up for it by taking in some culture.  Went to the latest exhibition at Tate Modern ( - big paintings.  Then went out later for cupcakes ( - small cakes.

As ever I appreciate any support ( ) and please enjoy the rest of the week!

138 days - 11 hours - 45 mins - 19 secs

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Sham of a Running Week

I feel a bit of a fraud this week as I have done little running.  Why?  Couldn't be bothered, I've got plenty of time before the Marathon...

To expand further on my opening comment, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to go for a long run as it can be boring, you've probably noticed runners aren't the most charismatic of people.  I get around this usually by doing new routes, alternating my song lists and running different pace/distances.
The problem I had this week was I only did my first run on Friday, Saturday morning I ran a similar distance (no sightings of Pippa) and when I got up on Sunday for a long run I found I couldn't be arsed and went for a fry up instead ( - 7/10).  The lesson here is not to run everyday as it does not allow your body time to recover and it kills your motivation. 

To counter the lack of running I have done some prep work for the marathon.  I bought a lumie Bodyclock (, this wakes you up by a brightening light as "is a natural cue for your body to reduce the production of sleep hormones (e.g. melatonin) and gradually increase the levels of those that help you get up and go (e.g. cortisol)."  Its good and is a much better alternative to my old alarm clock where the alarm felt like you were being punched in the face.
In December I will start concentrating on my core and have ordered an exercise mat ( to use when doing evening exercises.
Nutrition is something I am still neglecting and will do so until the New Year.  However, I have made one concession and will begin eating healthier snacks (e.g. raisins, almonds, etc.) and cutting back on the tracker bars.
Finally, I have booked myself onto a half marathon ( in early March which will give me an indication of whether I need to panic or not for the marathon in April.

This weekend was not as busy as the last ( and was peppered with a few mundane activities.  One example of this was I got my haircut.  To my delight the barber mentioned that he had a dodgy knee and we exchanged war stories (turns out he had it a bit worse, he had to have a cartilage reconstruction versus my key hole surgery).
Which leads me nicely onto the knee, the knee has been playing up a bit this week.  The knee has been fine on the runs but have pain when walking on the knee - will keep you updated.
Unfortunately on Sunday I had to go south of the river to meet a old friend (and colleague, flirty @ 9:30).  This was an enjoyable afternoon which was enhanced by the fact that I was able to track down a Wispa Gold after visiting every supermarket in Clapham.

Thank you for your continued support and would appreciate any contribution you can make to my charity page ( - I will start haranguing you generous and kind people in the new year).  Good night and have a great week!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Form is temporary, class is permanent

Back to my usual posting slot, my apologies for my last post ( it was a tad boring.  I wrote that post in front of the telly and its difficult to concentrate when watching such high quality programming as Come Dine with Me.  Going forward I will write this drivel in my room so there is no distractions.

Ran 4 times this week, with 3 in the morning to work and 1 long one today.  The morning runs to work were difficult, haven't been sleeping great and it makes the run twice as difficult.
The run this morning has been the best yet (ran for 2 hours solid), not in terms of pace (hampered by eating my own body weight in food the day before) but the enjoyment of the run as a few notable things happened. Ran past an old guy in tweed and a flat cap kicking around all of the falling leaves, it was a bizarre but sweet sight.  This was then followed by a man with a loud speaker shouting at me when I ran down the Mall, turns out they were trying to film something.
Finally, I am pretty sure at one point I was running alongside Pippa Middleton in Hyde Park.  I was running next to her but couldn't get behind to confirm.  Will keep you updated of any more Pippa sightings.

Quick update on the knee, its been pretty solid this week.  However, getting shin pains in my right leg in the first 15 minutes or so of running.  I think I over compensate on my right leg to make up for the knee, will aim to have a gait analysis (not the garden variety) done to understand this better.

It was a busy weekend where I took in the delights of Southampton and then Sunday spent running (see above) and shopping.
It seems all my friends are getting married (congrats Rob and Natalia) and so I was down in Southampton to have my measurement taken for my usher morning suit.  We discussed our duties for the day and I reserved the job of putting cones out in the car park. I also provided some advise, not having cucumbers anywhere near the wedding menu and the first dance being to poker face.  Went out to Bangalore Express in the evening ( outside Waterloo very near the Old Vic), it was good but the curry was ridiculously hot.
Today I went shopping round Regent street and then up to Covent Garden, I really hate shopping unless its on Amazon.  It was satisfying to see the men stuck in H&M waiting for their girlfriend/wife were equally as miserable.
You'll be happy to here it was a success, got my trainers ( and tux, that's me done for the year!

Got to hang up my clothes now so lets call it a night.  Thank you for the continued support and please enjoy the upcoming week.

153 days - 13 hours - 17 mins - 03 secs

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Late but not forgotten

My apologies for keeping you waiting on the latest post, fear not the time has come.

First up lets get the running out of the way which will then be followed by my exciting weekend.  Ran 3 times last week, the only one of note was on Sunday where I ran 12 miles in 1h36ish.  The route took in the delights of Surrey as I was home for the weekend, it started from my house running to Walton bridge then along the Thames to Hampton Court from there I headed home through West Moseley.  I will be looking to load my routes onto this blog for your amusement, a more interesting blog (arguably) is this one - where a runner is making pictures out of their routes.
I was happy with the pace especially as my watch was not behaving and couldn't set myself a pace ( - do not buy!).  The knee was not best pleased and it twinged when walking on after, however I ran on it this morning and is now feeling... OK.

As I mentioned early, I was in Surrey at the weekend visiting the family.  Didn't get up too much, did a bit of work, bit of Spanish (Espanol!) and finished my book.  Hmm, that's it.

On the charity side please help support my friends who are raising money for these worthy causes and

Until the next post (I will try harder next time), enjoy the week and thank you for your support!

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Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Difficult Second Post...

Writing these posts reminds me a lot of doing homework (tired - can't be arsed - it's Sunday night), however now I don't have the luxury of copying someone come Monday morning.  This is my second attempt at writing this difficult follow-up post, I tried mid-week but found I had nothing to say.  

My legs have felt strong this week, however, the knee is aching a bit - it is my burden to carry.  Typically I am running to work 3 mornings a week (each journey is about 5 miles, St Johns to Liverpool Street) and plan to start running home as well in a few weeks - I don't envisage running more than 4 days a week. 
Friday night I met a friend for a quick drink (great Spanish bar behind Tottenham Court Road - "Sevilla Mia") with the plan to get up early on Saturday for a longish run.  A couple of bars and Pizza Hut later and it turned out I couldn't be bothered to run on Saturday morning and had a lie in instead.  
Today I behaved and got up early for a run, I ran to and around Hyde Park, past Houses of Parliament towards St Paul and ended up at Liverpool Street.  I ran just under 11 miles in an hour and a half, pretty happy about this considering its early in the training process.

Read a good article on BBC ( which commented on how people use running for therapy.  I agree with the article in that you do not think about much when running.  Typically my thoughts are on not getting hit by cars or cyclists (colour blind to traffic lights) or getting annoyed with my watch (No Satellite...).  
What I enjoy about running is after the initial 10 minutes of tiredness/coldness/pain it is pretty easy and I am fortunate to be running around a beautiful city with so many interesting buildings and routes to distract me.  Although rare, when you are in the zone towards the end of a long run you do get a natural high from it.

Lets end it there, until my next post and as always I appreciate any comments and support given - - please enjoy the week!

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

First Post, First Thoughts

Hmm, how do I start?

Quick overview, I am running the London Marathon on 22nd April 2012 and am excited to be representing the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB -  I have two goals going into this the first is to raise the £1500 for RNIB (see ways the money is used - and also I am going for a time of 3:30 - no pressure.

My main concern going into this is my knee ("not since the knee...")  - those of you who know me well probably have heard me mention my knee in conversation :).  I recently saw a knee specialist and had an MRI scan, the good news was my cartilage is adequate and it is good to run on.  However, it can be pretty uncomfortable when walking (deep numb pain below my knee cap), they identified through the scan that there is a bone fragment floating around my knee and can get caught in the joint.  Once I have finished the marathon I will probably have the joy of going in for surgery to remove said fragment.
I really hope my knee holds up and will finish the race regardless what state it might be in - I'll crawl if I have to.

This weekend was a write off for training, was out Friday and Saturday night (congrats Jon and Kaneez!) and watched Spurs embarrass QPR today whilst eating some ice cream.  Its alrite though pretty sure Paula Radcliffe follows a similar schedule.

Will look to post every other day, won't always be an essay and still not sure where I am going with this...

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