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Not exactly sure what I'll be posting about, but will be centred around preparation for the marathon - fund raising ideas, run routes, things that annoy me when I am running, etc. Will look to update and maintain every other day (or until I lose interest).

My reason for starting a blog is to keep you kind people who have (or will) sponsor me ( informed of my progress in preparing for the marathon. Additionally, once my running career is over I imagine I will look back fondly on the drivel posted.

Lastly, I appreciate any support you can provide. It would be great if you could donate but also any tips you could give for fund raising or preparing for the run would be much appreciated. If you want to join me on a jog, let me know - cheers!

Monday, 7 May 2012

A Filler Post

Happy Bank Holiday!  Its been 2 months since my last post and thought it was high time for an update regarding my recovery.  I can sum up the progress in one word - "slow".

The worst thing about injuring your knee is that it is one of the few limbs that is difficult to rest (unless you get crutches).  On top of this my physio has informed me that I am "hyper mobile" ( which effectively means I can stretch my joints further than a normal person (  I am in good company here with concert pianists, gymnasts, many top  athletes (Federer & Nadal) suffering from this.  However, for a weekend warrior like myself it means my joints (the knee and the other knee) are more susceptible to injury.  This also delays recovery time as when I am walking/standing etc. the other knee can be in a position of stress (e.g. the knee going backwards) which will heed my recovery.
To counter this I have to build-up my thighs and glutes (arse) muscles to improve core strength which will take away stress placed upon my glass knees.  Unfortunately this results in about 45 minutes to a hour worth of menial (laborious) exercises every day.  Hopefully the end result will mean my core will be stronger, I will be able to run further/faster and you will be able to crack an egg off my buns.

On my last post ( I mentioned that I would not post again until I had ran.  Well, I ran on Saturday for the first time back in Surrey - the mean streets of Walton-on-Thames (BRRRAP! BRRRAP!).
The run consisted of 1 minute walking and then 2 minute jogging then repeat, the "run" lasted for about 25 minutes.  The knee was ever the rock but the other knee was twinging a bit especially when going round corners.  The run itself was pleasant - the weather was dry (really), few pedestrians on the pavement and I indulged in nostalgia as I ran past my old primary school Cardinal Newman (
I could only see the playground but it brought back some poignant memories - being told Father Christmas didn't exist whilst standing in the lunch queue, the magic of Christmas died at that moment.  The Portuguese kid who couldn't speak English knocking himself out by running into a opened window - we thought he was dead (morto).  Running away from the fat blonde girl whilst playing kiss chase, it wasn't difficult she was very overweight.
Its amazing how quickly times goes and I am constantly aware that I may not be making the most of the finite time I have available - writing this blog maybe a great example of wasted time.

Over the next month I will continue to be vigilant with my exercise and slowly building up the number and distance of my runs.  At times this recovery has felt like one step forward and two steps back, I am still weary of injuring myself and will be erring on the side of caution rather than throwing myself fully into running again (as much as I would like to).
With that in mind I have signed up for the Royal Parks Half marathon in October of which I will also be raising money for RNIB - I will be asking for donations .  Additionally, I am considering running the Luton (glamorous) marathon in November which will be good preparation for the full London marathon which I will be doing next year (knees permitting).
Done - will post again in a month or so and hopefully by that stage I will have progressed further with my recovery.  Enjoy the short week!

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