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Not exactly sure what I'll be posting about, but will be centred around preparation for the marathon - fund raising ideas, run routes, things that annoy me when I am running, etc. Will look to update and maintain every other day (or until I lose interest).

My reason for starting a blog is to keep you kind people who have (or will) sponsor me ( informed of my progress in preparing for the marathon. Additionally, once my running career is over I imagine I will look back fondly on the drivel posted.

Lastly, I appreciate any support you can provide. It would be great if you could donate but also any tips you could give for fund raising or preparing for the run would be much appreciated. If you want to join me on a jog, let me know - cheers!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Time for Tapering, time for tapering...

This edition of my ramblings/drivel has been penned in the Southbank centre.  I write this looking over the Thames whilst surrounded by elderly ladies eating ice cream in head scarves (they wouldn’t share).  
2 weeks to go till the marathon and I have officially entered my tapering period (rest-up & eat-up).  The nonsense continues below…

It wouldn’t be a post without me picking up a new injury (right ankle) – I am the Darren Anderton of running (for those who do not follow football he was an injury prone Spurs/England player whose nickname was “Sicknote”).   
It is a familiar story – ran home, ankle hurt, kept running and (surprise, surprise) the next morning I can barely walk.  I like to think this demonstrates my determined nature and iron will but is instead what my mum (“Mumsy”) frequently labels me as being pig headed.  The latter is true and if I am going to continue to run I need to listen to my body.
Anyway my ankle is feeling better than it was and if it hurt come the marathon I will just pop another pain killer.  That makes 1 for the knee, 1 for the other knee, 1 for the left shin and now 1 for the right ankle – simples, what could go wrong?

Recently I was asked what my favourite thing was and by thing I mean physical object.  This was not something I was able to answer quickly but it did make me ponder.  So I had a think and realized my favourite thing is cufflinks. 
My interest in cufflinks arose from a young age when I was around 5/6, my older brother had bought my dad a pair of Dennis the Menace ( – character in The Beano comics) cufflinks for his birthday.  I was a MASSIVE fan of The Beano (favourite character Rodger the Dodger), up until secondary school this, Adrian Mole books and the Funday Times were my sole source of literature.  Cufflinks was also something I associated with bizness.  As a youngster bizness meant to me a giant Toblerone, as whenever my dad went on a bizness trip that is what I received (see prior posts about my puppy fat years).  So through this association of The Beano and Toblerone my love affair with cufflinks began.
For my 9th birthday I asked for a cufflink shirt from my Grandparents.  Unsurprisingly they did not make cufflink shirts for children (why would they) so my Gran instead removed the buttons from a shirt and cut holes into the sleeves.  This was also the birthday where I received a tartan bow-tie and waistcoat set.  Suffice to say this wasn’t one of my fave birthdays but instead was a source of much amusement to my brother.
Cufflinks allows you to subtly express your interests/personality (which can be quite difficult in a corporate environment).  The type I chose to wear will depend on my mood or the person I am visiting – for example the classic silver pair when playing it safe or my Spidey pair when kicking it in the office.  If I was held at gun point and asked what my favourite pair was I would have to say it is my wooden ones with a metal frame – these are unique, I like the feel of them and the wood contrasts well with the metal. 
Why do I mention my love of cufflinks?  Basically I am running out of material for my blog (pardon the pun) and thought it was quite an interesting question to be asked.

At the time of writing, so far we have raised £674.25 for RNIB with my goal being £1,500 –  I am overwhelmed and grateful for everyone support thus far.  Thank you – you are very kind and I feel privileged to know so many giving people.
You may have noticed on facebook that I have been “painting” mugs.  My style is a bit erratic (like a young Jason Pollock) and I am finding blue/green paint everywhere - on my hands, clothes, desk, mobile phone, etc.  You can see the selection of gifts on my last post ( and on my just giving page (  
My big push for donations will begin tomorrow, if I have ever spoken/nodded/walked past you expect a call/email/txt pleading for your money.  
Thank you in advance for the donation, it allows RNIB to continue their essential work and support many vulnerable people -

A bit of a strange post and my apologies if you are more of a buttoned shirt type guy (or girl – do girls wear cufflinks? gap in the market!?).  Happy trails to you, until we meet again.

P.S.  - This video inspired my recent dinosaur facebook cover photo 

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