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Not exactly sure what I'll be posting about, but will be centred around preparation for the marathon - fund raising ideas, run routes, things that annoy me when I am running, etc. Will look to update and maintain every other day (or until I lose interest).

My reason for starting a blog is to keep you kind people who have (or will) sponsor me ( informed of my progress in preparing for the marathon. Additionally, once my running career is over I imagine I will look back fondly on the drivel posted.

Lastly, I appreciate any support you can provide. It would be great if you could donate but also any tips you could give for fund raising or preparing for the run would be much appreciated. If you want to join me on a jog, let me know - cheers!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

The Difficult Second Post...

Writing these posts reminds me a lot of doing homework (tired - can't be arsed - it's Sunday night), however now I don't have the luxury of copying someone come Monday morning.  This is my second attempt at writing this difficult follow-up post, I tried mid-week but found I had nothing to say.  

My legs have felt strong this week, however, the knee is aching a bit - it is my burden to carry.  Typically I am running to work 3 mornings a week (each journey is about 5 miles, St Johns to Liverpool Street) and plan to start running home as well in a few weeks - I don't envisage running more than 4 days a week. 
Friday night I met a friend for a quick drink (great Spanish bar behind Tottenham Court Road - "Sevilla Mia") with the plan to get up early on Saturday for a longish run.  A couple of bars and Pizza Hut later and it turned out I couldn't be bothered to run on Saturday morning and had a lie in instead.  
Today I behaved and got up early for a run, I ran to and around Hyde Park, past Houses of Parliament towards St Paul and ended up at Liverpool Street.  I ran just under 11 miles in an hour and a half, pretty happy about this considering its early in the training process.

Read a good article on BBC ( which commented on how people use running for therapy.  I agree with the article in that you do not think about much when running.  Typically my thoughts are on not getting hit by cars or cyclists (colour blind to traffic lights) or getting annoyed with my watch (No Satellite...).  
What I enjoy about running is after the initial 10 minutes of tiredness/coldness/pain it is pretty easy and I am fortunate to be running around a beautiful city with so many interesting buildings and routes to distract me.  Although rare, when you are in the zone towards the end of a long run you do get a natural high from it.

Lets end it there, until my next post and as always I appreciate any comments and support given - - please enjoy the week!

167 days - 13 hours - 14 min - 02 secs

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